Oasis Argane


Ecolodge farm & leisure, Vegan friendly, positive minding super-friendly ♥

Matrix: @oasisargane:chouya.org

+212 8 08 09 78 71

Between mountains, wadis, palm groves and olive groves, about fifteen minutes (and km) from Taroudant, eighty km from Agadir Airport, Oasis Argane is the perfect spot for artists, hikers and all those who seek tranquillity and relaxation. 😎

Beautifully situated in the middle of nature, nestled on the slopes of the first foothills of this relatively unknown part of the High Atlas mountains. The peaks of the Aulim Mountains facing the villa reach 3500 meters. Tranquility, intimacy, abundant healthy air, and excellent water via our well. Absolutely ideal for recharging yourself with good vibes 🏔️🌴🤩

The villa is perfectly oriented on a mountainside sheltered from the prevailing winds. No facing buildings, only nature 🌵🌴🌿 Superb swimming pool (10m x 5m) well exposed to the sun, heated by solar panels during colder seasons. Outdoor kitchen available for guests: gas cooker, bbq, bread/pizza oven, fridge.

OA is a paradise for walkers ! All around, you will enjoy several various beautiful promenades. A stone’s throw away, an immense olive grove dominates the wadi at its feet. The water flows there all year long, winding through biblical-age seguias. Also, the wild palm grove just behind the valley is worth a walk.

Nearby is located the lake of the Sidi Abdellah dam, deeply anchored in this mountainous panorama. Further up you will find beautiful mountain oases with their typical Berber villages. An asphalt road close to the villa takes you quickly to an altitude of over 1000 m. Other fantastic hikes and breathtaking landscapes.

Moreover, we are lucky enough to be quite close to a village of traditional potters. Local craftsmanship, with of course the possibility of organising pottery workshop. 

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